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"I've always believed, space exploration is crucial in our quest to cure. Everything avails us here on Earth. When you think about it, think about everything we found in the oceans and on land, isn't time to look up there. There is plethora of untapped resources."
Carlton Drake to Eddie Brock[src]

The Life Foundation was a genetics corporation founded by Carlton Drake. They encountered the Symbiotes and performed unlawful experiments on Humans that involved the Symbiotes.



The Life Foundation was founded by Carlton Drake for the opportunity of space travel and saving human lives for the better.[1]

Unethical Experimentations

Despite it supposed mission statement, the Life Foundation has used extreme ways to live up to its slogan by performing unethical experimentations on people, which results in their test subjects being killed. Despite this, the Life Foundation denied such practices.

Space Missions and Symbiote Experimentation

When their LF1 spaceship had crash landed on Malaysia, the Life Foundation came in contact with four extraterrestrial lifeforms that were inside. Drake had took notice of them and began using these lifeforms to experiment with humans.[1] They at first used rabbits before humans, but in need of stronger test subjects when the rabbits died very easily, Drake authorized Life Foundation to take homeless people off the streets of San Francisco and have them sign waivers to agree to become test subjects.

Infiltration into the Life Foundation Headquarters

When Eddie Brock infiltrated the facility, he inadvertently bonded with the Venom symbiote from Maria. Afterwards, several security guards tried to stop him without success.[1]

Chase of Eddie Brock

Later, when Drake finds the name of the intruder, a team lead by Roland Treece was sent to retrieve the Symbiote from Eddie. When they tried to bring in Brock, the Symbiote defended him. Treece sent in a video of what they have seen, revealing that Brock has achieved symbiosis. Once they tried to capture him, Venom escaped with Brock.[1]

Kidnapping of Eddie Brock

Later, a drone spied on Anne Weying, who was driving Eddie to a hospital for "medical treatment". There, Treece and his team finally captured Eddie.[1]

After Drake interrogated Eddie, he sends Treece and two of his men to execute Eddie in the woods, but Venom bonded with Anne as his host, saving Eddie. Once Drake decided to launch the ship, Lloyd Emerson decided to betray Drake and tried to cancel the launch only for him to turn into a symbiote named Riot, as they killed him along with the rest of the staff.[1]

Battle at the Life Foundation

Once Drake and Riot were going to go inside the LF2 rocket to gather numerous other symbiotes to bring back to Earth, they were interrupted by Venom. The two fight until Riot impaled Eddie and the two boarded the LF2 rocket and launched, but Venom destroyed the LF2 rocket by creating a large gash to its fuel tanks, causing an explosion which killed Drake and Riot inside. The Life Foundation's launchpad was destroyed as burning debris from the LF2 rocket rained back down.[1]

The next morning, Eddie was offered to be back on his show and do a piece about Drake and the true face of the Life Foundation but turned it down.[1] It is likely that the Life Foundation was shut down once its crimes were exposed.


  • In the comics, the Life Foundation believed that the conclusion of the Cold War would bring a nuclear holocaust that would assured the destruction of modern civilization. Dedicated to create a Utopian society and protect it, they created five Symbiotes forcibly spawned from Venom.


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